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Széchenyi tér 9, 6720 Szeged, Hungary
Rüdiger Bohn
Maestro Rüdiger Bohn
Let us invite you to the upcoming International Master Class for Orchestral Conducting with Prof. Rüdiger Bohn and Szegedi Szimfonikus Zenekar in Szeged (Hungary)!
The master class will be held from August 29 to September 04, 2022.
We offer PODIUM TIME with the orchestra and FINAL CONCERTS.
Please fill in the application form here: and send your CV to if you wish to participate: we will get in touch with you shortly and provide all the details! Thank you!
Terms and Conditions
1. There are no restrictions with respect to age, nationality or experience: both beginners and professionals (and also participants of conducting competitions) can take active/passive part.
2. The language of the master class is ENGLISH. All non-English speaking participants will be asked to inform the promoter accordingly.
3. The choice of repertoire is free. Pieces selected by participants have to be coordinated with maestro and the orchestra direction.
4. Participants are very welcome to suggest classical/modern pieces they needs for their projects and/or competitions.
5. The participation will be confirmed after the application form, CV and the payment are received.
6. After the master class all participants receive a certificate signed by the maestro.
7. The promoter reserves the right to substitute the maestro and the orchestra.
8. If the schedule of a participant does not permit attendance for the entire master class, he/she will be asked to contact the promoter in advance in order to accommodate special needs with regard to the podium time.
9. Participants will - by submitting their application - hand over all rights on TV and radio recordings to the promoter: this includes all pictures and videos taken on and off the stage. Participants will - by submitting their application - also give their permission and approval to the Promoter to use their names and pictures in press releases related to the master class.
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You can send your CV and repertoire to:
Participation in the master class shall imply full acceptance of the present Terms and conditions, teaching methods and decisions of the maestro. With regard to final concerts, every participant also accepts decisions of the director and the general manager of the orchestra.
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